How To Fight Against Corruption And Win

| 07.21.2016 |

Corruption is the bane of all systems and the decay of efficiency. Some organizational structures are more vulnerable than others, but corruption can effect everyone. It is only through understanding the causes of corruption that we can fight against it.

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The Next Big Thing? - KardZee

| 07.15.2016 |

KardZee is a mobile app that allows the user to send real physical cards in their own handwriting via a patent-pending handwriting technology. We spoke with company founder Keverne Denahan about this new endeavor.

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How To Research And Reduce Healthcare Costs

| 07.14.2016 |

Whether you are planning a future procedure or navigating care after a sudden illness or accident, smart consumers have a plan in place to avoid hidden costs and billing errors common to our ever-changing healthcare system.

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A Few Words From Joe Reddington

| 07.12.2016 |

British computer scientist Joe Reddington uses the TEDTalk stage to offer an invigorating story of what occurs when a good deed goes viral.

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John Walsh, CEO of Total Mortgage Services, Milford, Conn.

| 07.11.2016 |

For some people, success can be defined as the trifecta of being in the right place at the right time while doing the right thing. This is not always an easy thing to achieve, especially in a tumultuous industry like mortgage banking, which has been experienced a surplus of dizzying peaks and dismal plummets over the past decade.

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