Michael Goldberg, president of Knockout Networking LLC, Jackson, N.J.

| 02.08.2016 |

Networking is key to achieving these goals, but approaching strangers and striking up a conversation can be daunting. Today, many bypass face-to-face encounters and turn only to social media – which can be a big mistake, says Michael Goldberg, who has taught public speaking and networking skills at Rutgers School of Communication and Information for the past decade.

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A Few Words On Toilet Texting

| 02.05.2016 |

Some people are a little too enamored with texting, to the point of carrying on text-based conversations when nature calls.

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Being More Than A Machine

| 02.04.2016 |

We exist in a material culture that cares for pleasure over knowledge, for excitement over stability, and for immediacy over steady progress. One ideological extreme tells us all that matters is the unrestrained businessman whose only worth is monetary success. On the other extreme, we are taught that all workers must be "equal" in their monetary rewards. To both, the obsession is with income, not individual.

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Bernie Sanders Vs. Wall Street

| 02.02.2016 |

After halting what many people saw as a Democratic Party coronation of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is setting his sights on the White House - with a main goal of bringing regulatory reform to Wall Street.

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Making Phased Retirement Work For You

| 01.27.2016 |

Phased retirement – a catchall term that describes a variety of part-time and reduced-hour work arrangements before leaving an employer for good – is gaining steam. But before you sign on, it's important to understand how "phasing out" may affect your long-term finances.

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