What Can Your Business Learn From Weird Flags?

| 12.01.2015 |

On the whole, flags are designed to inspire nationalism and deep emotional attachment. But, sometimes, that does not happen. Fortunately, there are teachable moments to be found in odd flag design.

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Tony Leonardini, co-founder, BNA Wine Group, Nashville

| 11.30.2015 |

BNA Wine Group is headquartered in Nashville, but its vineyards are located in California's Napa Valley. Tony Leonardini co-founded the company with John Hooper and Gary Carr, and he recently spoke with us about the challenges in running a wine business.

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Unmasking The Hackers

| 11.20.2015 |

News about computing hacking has, sadly, become commonplace. But there is actually a wide variety of miscreants behind the current wave of hacking, and each has his own agenda.

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Emerson And Integrity Over Conformity

| 11.19.2015 |

Today, we seem to care more for perception than truth. Popularity and attention can often bring success where honesty and hard work do not. We have huge industries built on crafting the perfect image, and we have convinced ourselves that marketing is more important than the product. Our problem with truth is not new but is fundamental to human nature.

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Think Twice About Spending That Bonus

| 11.18.2015 |

When is a bonus not a bonus? When you fail to think about what that extra income will mean to your overall finances.

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